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What our clients are saying.

LaToya Franklyn


I had an amazing shoot with Claudia. At first I was nervous because I have been using the same photographer for the past four years. But I recently relocated to Los Angeles, so I had to cut the cord and find a new photographer. Claudia put all of my concerns at ease right at our first phone conversation. She was so pleasant and enthusiastic.

Peggy Lu


Claudia is a GIFT & hidden TREASURE! She is patient (never felt rushed during the shoot and quick replies to my emails before and after the shoot), has keen eye for details, communicative, friendly and it’s clear she loves being a photographer. Claudia knows how to capture your essence allowing the real you to shine!

Ria Gill


Claudia is an amazing photographer. She made me feel so comfortable and so valuable while she was shooting me. All in all the experience shooting with her is one of a kind, I would recommend her to anyone who wants to capture the best version of themselves.

Claudia Hoag

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